The Audition Switch

Share a candid conversation with me where you will discover:

  • How to overcome your fears in the audition room
  • How to cold read like a professional
  • The Secret Signs in the Lines that will unlock your true potential in the scene
  • The shortcut to finding meaning and believability in every line you say
  • The tips and tricks that all professional actors know, but won’t tell
  • And much more!


The BEST thing is that you don’t have to wait for these videos or this book in the mail or to go to a store and pick it up. You download it all straight to YOUR computer!

You'll receive:

  • A 12-part video series where I share all of the secrets to switching it on in the audition room
  • A 20-page Ebook that gives you ALL of the tools that you need to nail every audition

The Audition Switch