Unhooking with Your Voice

Sun Sep 21, 2014 ∙ 17:23pm ∙ Donald The Dialect Coach

If hooking a word lets your partner know that there is more to be said, then unhooking a word lets him know that you are done speaking.


Unhooking  is lowering the inflection in your voice and bringing the pitch down. We naturally unhook at the end of every fairy tale.


            They lived





Another example:





The pitch goes down with each word until the sentence is complete. This provides a sense of closure to the sentence.


You do NOT want to unhook every single sentence because if you’re doing your acting the right way, every sentence should be connected in some way.  One line is said, which causes a thought to form in your mind, which links that to the next sentence and so on and so on.


At the end of a thought, you should ALWAYS unhook. 


Remember, when you’re performing, think of your lines as thoughts and not just words or sentences.


Unhook to show that you are done speaking or that you've completed a thought.


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